“We use current and effective tools to develop the best strategic plan with the customer”


At BIOCONTROL PLANT consulting we understand that it is essential to develop a specific and personalized marketing and sales plan for each customer using the ADPE methodology (analysis, diagnosis and strategic plan).

A sales and marketing plan is the preparation of a roadmap in which a preliminary analysis of the company’s situation is conducted and then the tasks or actions to be performed in order to achieve the company’s strategic objectives and the projected sales in a given period of time are defined.


Generates direction by focusing on what is important.

Optimizes the necessary resources.

Promotes team work and motivation.

Reports on market opportunities and threats.

Facilitates error anticipation.

Brings us closer to the competition.


The AGILE methodology is operational and current. It is used in the development of projects that require flexibility in order to develop high-quality products and services that meet customer needs.

Each project is “broken up” into small parts that have to be completed in several weeks or a few months. It is a new work philosophy whose purpose is to improve team organization.

BENEFITS of the AGILE methodology

The team works together and in a coordinated way.a

Each member has autonomy at work.

Focus is put on people

Success depends largely on the efficacy of the product.

Facilitates prioritization and decision-making.

Improves customer experience with quick feedback


The OKR System R is a strategic tool that enables planning, goal-setting and tracking throughout the project development process based on an established mission or general purpose.

OKRs are made up of Objectives (O) that define where we want to go and their Key Results (KR) that enable us to know whether we are on track to achieve the objectives. They must follow the SMART format: be specific, measurable, achievable, challenging and time-bound.


Focus is placed on priority objectives.

Value is added to what is most important.

Assignment of specific tasks to each project participant.

Alignment of the participants with the main purpose of the project.

Motivation of the participants with clear and specific objectives.

Systematic tracking of the achievement of objectives.