What are the benefits of hiring the services of BIOCONTROL PLANT consulting?

  • Customer portfolio in the most important areas of Mediterranean agriculture.
  • Time and cost savings in the processes of capturing and retaining customers and strategic partners.
  • Knowledge of the Biocontrol market and ecological biostimulants.
  • Proven experience in the design and execution of analysis, sales and marketing strategies in the agribusiness sector.
  • Knowledge and application of digital marketing strategies.
  • Experience in results-oriented projects.
  • Qualified team with more than 15 years’ experience.

What profile do BIOCONTROL PLANT Consulting customers have?

  • Plant biotechnology companies with biocontrol and/or biostimulant solutions ready to be marketed and launched onto the market.
  • Biological control companies with new beneficial insects that need to position themselves in a particular market, crop or agricultural pest.
  • Newly created agrochemical, nutritional or biotechnological companies seeking strategic alliances with other laboratories, distributors and/or suppliers.
  • Research and microbiology companies seeking customers or partners in the market for industrial sales or strategic alliances.
  • Companies manufacturing agricultural solutions that need advice on legislation and ecological certification.
  • Spin-off companies with a newly researched product that need a business consultant to position themselves in a specific market.
  • Companies in the agribusiness sector that require a market analysis of the competition biocontrol product opportunities.

What is BIOCONTROL PLANT Consulting’s work process?

  • Study and analysis of the catalogue, company philosophy and market opportunities.
  • Definition of the markets, countries or alliances to approach.
  • We work together to establish and measure opportunity size and risk.
  • Technical, financial and sales strategy to address markets, alliances and opportunities.
  • We analyse the value chain to ensure competitiveness and profitability.

What are the steps to follow once the collaboration is agreed?

  • Signing of the consulting agreement.
  • Exchange of information and training process.
  • Concrete proposal of the strategic sales plan.
  • Define and present the specific work team.

In which markets does BIOCONTROL PLANT Consulting have most professional experience?

In the Spanish and Mediterranean European markets, although we have had professional experience in more than 20 countries.

Is BIOCONTROL PLANT Consulting a phytosanitary registration consultancy?

No, but we can put you in touch with the best consultancies available at the moment.

Does BIOCONTROL PLANT Consulting always work with the customer in the technical and commercial development of biosolutions?

It depends on what is agreed with the customer. We offer several collaboration options:

  • Advising only on the launch and technical and commercial positioning of the products.
  • In addition to this, acting as managers and business advisers with distributors and farmers in the marketing phase for a given period of time.
  • Advising on the inclusion of new biosolutions in a catalogue being prepared or updated through connections and alliances with other companies.
  • In addition to this, supporting and advising on the management of and sales and marketing strategy for these new products incorporated and subsequently marketed during a given period of time.
  • We can simply help to put the customer in touch with the appropriate distributors following an analysis of the market.

Does BIOCONTROL PLANT Consulting advise on Conservation Biological Control to encourage the use of natural enemies in crops?

Yes, we have a team that can advise producers and distributors on current biodiversity techniques and ground cover vegetation.